The mega-guide to series that premiere in the summer of 2020


Already entered the summer, we can confirm that the pandemic whose effects have smashed the movie posters scheduled for the summer at the beginning of the year, television has suffered less. Admittedly, many blockbusters, like the Disney + production skillet of Marvel productions, have had to be frozen or postponed because they were in their final post-production phases. In general, the grid of series premieres for this summer continues more or less as expected, although it is true that the novelties of August have suffered, premiering much less than other years.

Some American realities have also been postponed indefinitely for obvious reasons, but also in the United States there are two new streaming platforms (HBO Max by Warner and Peacock by Universal) whose releases will be coming here on different platforms, until their direct equivalents land. We have selected some of the best series that have already been released and many of those that are still to be released. This is our great summer guide to US television releases.

Those that have already been released

The summer premiere season started a month or so ago, although many have not yet seen their hair around here. We review some of the most notable that have already taken off in the US so that you have them on your radar.

Trackers (HBO)

A five-episode thriller set in Cape Town, South Africa and telling how post-colonial segregation is still the order of the day today. Different criminal activities (from the smuggling of diamonds to the traffic of rhinos, through terrorism in its purest form) are happening at a fast pace thanks to a script by Robert Thorogood that leaves no respite to the viewer.

See Also

Premiere on June 5

Perry Mason (HBO)

Surprising reboot from the most famous lawyer on television, here with an openly noir tone and a very striking taste for shocking images. Matthew Rhys embodies the criminal lawyer in his younger version and returns him to the 1930s of the last century, when Erle Stanley Gardner’s original novels of the character were published. A radical reformulation that at the moment is having a passionate following.

Premiere on June 21


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