The Medium gets a new video showing its conceptual art


The Medium, a new horror game that arrives on January 28 for Xbox Series S / X and PC, won a new video. It shows the conceptual arts of the game and the process of creating much of the scenarios and characters. Recently, the game won a 14-minute trailer showing its gameplay.

The video, with just over 3 minutes, brings statements from the game’s production team regarding its graphics. It also shows the entire creation process, from the arts still on paper, to the moment they are inserted into the game.

Because of this, the video ends up being quite revealing in relation to the game’s scenarios. It is possible to notice a climate that resembles games like Silent Hill, with devastated environments and full of dangers. The supernatural part of the game, on the other hand, features macabre scenarios, composed of bones, caves and other elements characteristic of titles of the genre.

The Medium features the character Marianne, a medium who is haunted by passages between the real and the supernatural. Thus, she needs to discover the mysteries behind these changes in plan and some visions of her past.


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