The Medium For PS5 Trophy List Is Revealed Before Release


The Medium: A trophy gallery filled with interesting and challenging achievements is one of the greatest prides of any gamer — and the Exophase portal, which specializes in this subject, has just revealed the achievements that will be available for the game The Medium, which will be launched this Friday for PS5. There’s a lot of interesting stuff!

There are forty trophies in total, including one platinum for everyone who gets all the others, three others and ten silver. Many of the challenges involve collecting in-game items such as objects, memory fragments and the Echoes collection. It also involves using some tools like the “Insight” function and the “out of body” function for more than 15 or 10 minutes.

List reveals some tricky challenges

Looking at the list, you can see that many of the bronze trophies can be collected without difficulty, on your first attempts with The Medium. Silver and gold challenges should be tougher, of course. That’s because many of them require the gamer to pick up multiple items in one go — and as this quest for hidden items and clues is one of the game’s biggest goals, some of the trophies tend to be pretty hard to earn.

To better understand what challenges await you in The Medium, you can see the entire list below. The game’s launch is scheduled for next Friday, September 3rd — which is the eve of Independence Day, a great opportunity to play a lot and win a lot of trophies.


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