The Medium: Check Out DualSense Exclusive Features on PS5


The Medium: In preparation for the release of psychological horror game The Medium on PlayStation 5, the folks at Bloober Team released a new trailer showing how they’re going to take advantage of the DualSense controller.

The game will utilize the gamepad’s adaptive triggers to bring more immersion to certain Marianne skills. One is a powerful discharge of spiritual energy on the part of the protagonist.

To create this spiritual explosion, you must first charge this energy. The more it is charged, the less resistance the player will feel on the controller trigger.

Tactile feedback lets you sense contacts from all directions

Something the player needs to do several times during The Medium’s campaign is to create a spiritual shield to protect themselves from certain threats from the spirit world.

By doing this, you’ll be able to feel dozens of moths hitting this barrier from all directions, thanks to DualSense’s tactile feedback.

This control feature will also come in handy in sections where you need to hold your breath. That’s because the frequency and strength of tactile feedback will allow you to feel when Marianne is getting breathless.

Touch and motion controls can be used to interact with the environment.

Certain parts of the Niwa Hotel, where most of the game takes place, include so-called echoes, which are etched into certain objects. They function as a spiritual gateway to past events.

To find them, you need to inspect these objects from all angles. In the Xbox Series X|S and PC versions, this was done using analog — which is still possible on the PS5.

However, on Sony’s console, Bloober Team will also allow you to do this using the control’s touchpad.

Another element of The Medium’s gameplay involves taking a closer look at certain scenes, which brings the perspective to the first person. During these investigations, the player will be able to use DualSense’s motion controls to assess the environment.

Speaker and lightbar complement the immersion

Finally, it has also been confirmed that the game will take advantage of the loudspeaker and the controller’s lightbar. When using tools to cut through certain obstacles, the sound of that interaction will come out directly from the gamepad.

The light bar will be used to replicate Marianne’s flashlight flickers when there is an enemy nearby.

The Medium will be released for PS5 next September 3rd.


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