The meaning of the Sparrow Academy shield and slogan


Members of The Umbrella Academy and Sparrow Academy were recruited from the ranks of 43 children who were miraculously born on October 1, 1989, to women around the world who had not been pregnant when they woke up that morning.

In this new version of the 21st century, The Umbrella Academy no longer exists; Reginald Hargreeves, instead, created the Sparrow Academy, which has a different team lineup, a different shield, and a different Latin motto.

The original motto of The Umbrella Academy was “Ut Malum Pluvia”, which means “When evil rains”, the shield has images of an umbrella, lightning bolt, a skull and a domino mask.

A photo of The Umbrella Academy actor Aidan Gallagher’s stories showed the shield of the other academy in more detail, showing the motto that is “Canticum in Tenebris”, which means “Song in the dark.”

The images on the crest are a sparrow, a pair of crossed swords, a red eye with a teardrop, and a keyhole. The shields and mottos of the Sparrow Academy and The Umbrella Academy are different but convey the same idea of ​​protecting the world.

In Reginald Hargreeves’ first attempt at creating a team of superheroes, he used The Umbrella Academy’s umbrella as a symbol of them protecting the world from a rain of evil. But the “song in the dark” now represents hope.

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