The meaning of J-Hope and Suga’s lines “Savage Love”?


This is the meaning behind J-Hope and Suga’s verses in “Savage Love”, the new remix by Jason Derulo, BTS and JAWSH 685.

BTS will never let ARMY rest. In 2020 alone, they launched collaborations with Lauv, MAX, Sia, and now they are adding two more. On Friday, October 2, they joined forces with JAWSH 685 and Jason Derulo for a remix of the viral TikTok song “Savage Love.”

Once again, the song is exploding on the internet, with fans calling it the perfect team. If you’re wondering what the lyrics to “Savage Love” by BTS’s Suga and J-Hope mean in Spanish, you should know that they add a nice touch to the original.

Derulo first announced the BTS remix on TikTok. “I will make a special announcement when this post reaches 10 million likes,” Derulo wrote in a video on September 27, tagging BTS and JAWSH 685.

Of course, fans instantly worked together to find more information about the rumored collaboration. They found out that Derulo recently “liked” a tweet about BTS’s “Dynamite” that was becoming # 1 on the Hot 100.

Fans discovered that Derulo credited the group as a collaborator under one of their “Savage Love” music videos. When BTS finally announced the remix a day after Derulo’s cryptic post, fans were ecstatic.

“#SavageLoveRemix This Friday @ Jawsh_685 x @jasonderulo x #BTS,” the group tweeted, along with a video of the three artists performing the song’s viral TikTok dance. Finally, on Friday, October 2, the long-awaited collaboration fell.

ARMY fell in love with J-Hope and Suga’s verses

The ARMYs fell in love with his, especially since J-Hope and Suga helped co-write the remix. Fans thought his lyrics added a deeper meaning about love to the song. In Suga’s verse, he compared love to a sand castle to explain how fragile it can be.

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“‘Love’ is perhaps a momentary series of emotions / Everything comes with conditions / What do I love? ‘Eternity’ is perhaps a sand castle that weakly collapses, helpless before a wave of calm,” Suga raps in the song.

There is no doubt that “SavageLove” is a song full of feelings. “Chicken Noodle Soup” performer J-Hope expanded on the metaphor in his verse, saying that no matter if this love is temporary, he is willing to try everything for that special someone.

“Every night, every day, I’m swept away by the waves / I don’t know what I’m thinking / I can’t get you out of my head / I’m scared / Is it ‘you’ or ‘that time’? / Right now, I’ll love you like the fire, “raps Hobi. As expected, ARMY loved the rapper’s verse.

Fans also appreciated how Jungkook changed the lyrics in the pre-chorus to be gender neutral. “You wild a-a-love / You could use me / Because I still want that …” Jungkook sings. What did you think of J-Hope and Suga’s lyrics? Leave us your comments!


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