The MCU just hinted that Miss Marvel is stronger than Captain Marvel


Warning: spoilers for the third episode of “Miss Marvel”.

The shocking revelation of Miss Marvel’s origin is a hint that Kamala Khan is at a power level higher than even Captain Marvel herself. In Marvel comics, Kamala is an inhuman whose stretching abilities make her capable of impressive feats. But no matter how useful her ability turns out to be, she doesn’t belong to the same class as characters like Captain Marvel, Hulk, Thor, or even Iron Man.

The Miss Marvel show on Disney+ directs the MCU’s view of Kamala Khan in a different direction. Instead of becoming a Non-Human through Terrigenesis, Kamala took possession of a bracelet with cosmic energy, reminiscent of Quantum Stripes from Marvel comics. Apparently, the bracelet revealed Kamala’s true nature. As for what it really is, the 3rd episode of “Miss Marvel” duly clarified this mystery by introducing ClanDestines, an interpretation of the Marvel genies. Kamala’s great-grandmother was a member of the Destiny Clan, who moved from a place called the Nur Dimension.

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Replacing inhumans with ClanDestines for Kamala’s origin from the MCU attests to her true superhero abilities. In Marvel comics, the Destiny Clan family was endowed with incredible abilities thanks to their mother Elalith. Elalith was an all-powerful djinn trapped in Eden, a magical city hidden in the mountains of Iran. The powers of every member of the Destiny Clan family came from her, giving them all immortality and making each of them a force to be reckoned with. Now that Aisha’s bracelet has revealed Kamala’s full potential, it’s possible that she, too, has the supreme abilities of a comic book genie. If so, there is a chance that she will be able to surpass several MCU heroes, including her idol.

Unlike the Eternal, powerful cosmic immortals created by science, the jinn are a race of ancient mystical beings whose innate magical abilities make them insanely powerful enemies. Depending on what Kamala’s limitations are as a ClanDestine, she can become a top-level MCU hero with enough control over her cosmic energy to compete (or even win) with Captain Marvel. However, some ClanDestines have fewer benefits from their genie heritage, making them weaker than some of the stronger family members. If this applies to Kamala, the MCU can easily keep it at a low power level.

At this point, it’s unclear exactly what Marvel has planned for Kamala’s future, and she’s just willing to let her become. Thanks to her connections with the Destiny Clan family and the genies in general, Ms. Marvel at least has a way to turn her into a first-level space powerhouse. If that happens, Carol Danvers and Monica Rambo will have one of the best allies when the trio comes together in “Miracles.” The level of her strength may have a direct bearing on why these two decided to team up with her.