The MCU Just Gave a Huge Hint to Captain Marvel 2


Warning! This post contains spoilers for Miss Marvel.

KVM in the 3rd episode “Miss Marvel” has just given the first important hint of “Miracles”, linking them with another object of Phase 4. After the announcement of “Miss Marvel”, it was confirmed that the main character will play a huge role in “Miracles” in 2023. However, given the show’s self-contained history, it was difficult to piece together how the show would lead to the Marvel Studios tent film of 2023.

Captain Marvel still has a great influence on Miss Marvel, as Kamala Khan has a strong love for the superhero Carol Danvers. For example, in episode 1, Kamala came to the first AvengerCon in the image of a cult hero, and her room is decorated with memorabilia of Carol Danvers. However, it was only in the 3rd episode of “Miss Marvel” that the show gave viewers the first hints of how it would be related to “Miracles”. The way Marvel did it was the reason for providing a subtle link to another Phase 4 object.

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The film in question is nothing more than “Shang—Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”. At the beginning of the third episode of “Miss Marvel”, it is shown how Kamala’s great-grandmother came into contact with Kamala’s bracelet, which revealed her superhuman abilities. The bracelet was found in the temple by Kamala’s Caches and ancestor. However, one frame shows the Shang-Chi connection and a hint of Captain Marvel 2. If you look at the temple from a bird’s-eye view, the logo of the criminal organization “Ten Rings” is clearly visible on the floor of the room. This provides a link between Miss Marvel’s bracelet and the Ten Shang Chi Rings. The last time Captain Marvel was seen in the MCU, she was shown investigating the Ten Rings alongside Bruce Banner and Wong. Since the Rings appear to be linked to Kamala’s origin, it’s now becoming clearer how Ms. Marvel and her namesake are coming together.

Since the caches introduced in Episode 3 by Miss Marvel come from another dimension, unlike Ta-Lo from Shang Chi, Captain Marvel exploring one side of the connection and Miss Marvel exploring the other can cause their paths to cross, leading to Miracles. In addition, another connection may pass through the Rings themselves, and not through the Ta-Lo. In the post-credits scene with Shang-Chi, it was revealed that the Ten Rings serve as a beacon for an unknown entity. If this beacon turns out to be a threat to the MCU through another dimension, the Ten-Ring bracelet’s connection may allow Kamala to team up with Carol to stop the threat, given the connection between them.

Episode 3 of “Miss Marvel” gives a lot more information about Kamala’s origins. At the end of the episode, in which Kamala teases a trip to Karachi to meet her grandmother, who is somehow connected to the bracelet, it seems that the last three episodes of the show will explore the bracelet on an even deeper level. With the link to the Ten Rings provided by Ms. Marvel in Episode 3, it’s safe to assume that this link will also be explored further, linking the latest Disney+ show closer to “Miracles” and Ms. Marvel herself to Captain Marvel.