The MCU already has the perfect setup to solve the problem of the old X-Men movie


WARNING: This contains SPOILERS for the movie “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”.

How and when the MCU will properly introduce the X-Men is still a mystery, but the franchise already has the perfect setup to improve the character that the Fox movies failed. While the X-Men franchise was solid enough to last two decades, the films had their ups and downs, especially with regard to how certain characters were treated. While names like Professor X and Magneto have been the center of attention in almost every movie, the portrayal of many mutants has never matched their comic book potential.

Now that the original X-Men franchise has ended with The New Mutants, a movie that was released after Fox was acquired by Disney, the X-Men will have a new home in the MCU. Although Patrick Stewart reprises his role as Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it’s a variant that wasn’t the same character as in the Fox movies, and it’s likely that the MCU’s X-Men will be complete. reboot. In any case, there remains the question of how the concept of mutants will be introduced, and options such as the radiation emitted by the click of Thanos activating the X gene, or the appearance of the X-Men as a result of the multiverse invasion, were discussed.

Whichever option the MCU chooses, the reboot of the X-Men movie will have the opportunity to avoid the mistakes of previous films regarding one of the most important “X-Men: Rogue”. In the X-Men films, Rogue could never participate in the action, as her mutant abilities were not suitable for battle. Therefore, the character spent the original trilogy “X-Men” and “X-Men: Days of the Past Future” in the background. The MCU can fix this by adapting a famous moment from the comics: Rogue absorbs Captain Marvel’s powers. In an event from Avengers Annual #10, which was correctly explained almost 11 years later in Marvel Super-Heroes #11, Rogue fought and absorbed Carol Danvers’ powers, thus gaining abilities such as flight and superpowers. This version of the warrior character has been preserved in comics and was featured in X-Men: The Animated Series, and now can become a source of inspiration for the MCU Rogue.

How could Rogue acquire her comic superpowers in the MCU

Even if the circumstances are completely different from the comics, Rogue’s first moments in the MCU may involve fighting Captain Marvel. Since then, a much more powerful and battle-ready Rogue may appear in the MCU X-Men lineup than in previous X-Men films. X-Men: The animated series and the general aesthetics of the X-Men of the 90s seem to be a source of inspiration for the MCU, as evidenced by the yellow chair of Professor X from Doctor Strange 2, the use of the theme music of the animated series in the film and the revival of “X-Men 97” on Disney+. In this context, it would make sense to portray Rogue from the MCU in a similar way. Not only that, the X-Men and the Avengers aren’t always on good terms in comics, and the incident between Rogue and Captain Marvel in the MCU could ignite this feud on the big screen.

The MCU has a clean slate of where it can take the X-Men, and it should use this opportunity to work better with characters like Rogue. The power scale in the MCU with villains like Scarlet Witch and Thanos has already set a high bar and requires stronger new heroes. Therefore, it would be much more interesting for future films to show Rogue, who, in addition to her usual mutation, could also have flight abilities similar to Captain Marvel and superpowers.