The Matrix: All Products Based On The Wachowski Saga


The Matrix: Since the original film’s premiere in 1999, there have been sequels, video games, animation pieces, and even comics. The red or blue pill, the decision is in your hands. Live in sweet ignorance or discover the truth about the world, what lies behind the bits, of the imaginary universe that has been built around people. The Matrix, known in Spain simply as The Matrix, was a complete revolution in the science fiction genre. The directors, screenwriters and sisters Lana and Lilly Wachowski created a saga that has survived to this day, now with a new film about to be released.

More than 15 years after the premiere of Matrix, Lana Wachowski has returned to the fray with an unpublished sequel, in which her sister does not participate. Keanu Reeves repeats as Neo, Carrie-Anne Moss plays Trinity again and Jada Pinkett Smith is Niobe. The absences? Hugo Weaving, who played Agent Smith, is left out of The Matrix: Resurrections. Nor does Laurence Fishburne repeat, who was Morpheus in the trilogy.

Before the film opens on December 22 (only in theaters in Spain), it is time to recap and review all the products that have been released to date. In addition to the main films, there is a series of animated short films, several volumes of comics, and a collection of video games. In fact, The Matrix Awakens, which is available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5, attests to the power of the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine. This interactive experience serves as a technical demo of Epic Games’ technology.

Here is a detailed list of everything you need to know about Matrix-based products:

Films and short films

Matrix (1999)

The original film is set in a future ravaged by war, where human beings have succumbed to the power of machines and artificial intelligences. All of these cybernetic organisms keep people in a kind of virtual limbo, known as the Matrix. In appearance, it does not differ much from our real world, but it serves to obtain energy from human beings. There are only a few who have managed to leave their prison and be released, those who live in Zion and use their skills to break the chains of those who walk the paths of blissful and routine ignorance.

Morpheus thinks that one of the humans in the Matrix is ​​The Chosen One, the one who will put an end to machines and war once and for all. It is about Neo, a computer hacker who is freed thanks to the skills of Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), but reaching his goal is far from being simple: agents Smith (Hugo Weaving) do not cease in their efforts to catch them .

Beyond its plot, the film traces a philosophical corpus that has come to be compared with Plato’s myth of the cave, worlds that seem real but are not, a dichotomous version of reality.

Matrix Reloaded (2003)

The fight against the evil machines did not end when it was discovered that Neo was indeed The Chosen One, the person capable of standing up to the tyranny of the circuits. Along with Morpheus, Trinity, and the rest of the rebels, Neo continues to fight these slave-owning creatures. Ever since they began liberating humans from the Matrix, they have yearned to live in the real world. The battle rages on and little by little he approaches Sion, the city that still rises above the real world.

The Matrix Reloaded begins with a death, that of Trinity, who is executing a mission while the agents chase her. Fortunately, duality makes an appearance again and it is revealed that it is actually Neo’s recurring nightmare. Six months have passed since the events of the Matrix, but the news is not good. Reports say that the machines are finalizing plans to penetrate the underground city, so they intend to pierce the ground. An army of more than 200,000 sentinels are heading to the city to destroy it and crush humanity once and for all.

Matrix Revolutions (2003)

Machines and humans continue to fight to the death. The sentries have crossed the threshold of the city and the machines are coming dangerously close, so everything is on the table. A defeat means the complete annihilation of organic entities, the end of life as we know it. In the Matrix universe, nothing is what it seems, danger sometimes escapes sight and creeps in from within.

The Smith agent program has kidnapped Bane (Ian Bliss), a member of the hovercraft fleet. He is becoming more and more powerful and escapes the control of the machines themselves. Neo then decides to travel to where no one has gone, the city of machines. There he manages to seal an agreement, but as experience has shown, the singles do not fall within the schemes of the Matrix: the Smith agents still have a lot to say.

Animatrix (2003)

It is a collection of nine animated short films based on the Matrix and made by leading filmmakers specialized in this field:

The Last Flight of Osiris (Andrew R. Jones). When the Osiris crew tries to send an important message to Zion, they will have to contend with an army of sentinels.
Second Renaissance Part 1 and Part 2 (Mahiro Maeda). The two parts of the short film review the archives of Sion and the history of the Matrix.
Story of the boy (Shinichiro Watanabe). A normal child is at school when he receives an invitation from Neo to flee the Matrix, but finding a way out will not be easy.
Program (Toshiaki Kawajiri). Cis, a soldier of Zion, will be forced to choose between love and his companions in the real world. He is now inside a samurai training program.
World record (Takeshi Koike). Dan runs so much that he manages to flee the Matrix and observe the real world for the first time. He does it thanks to his willpower, which is combined with unparalleled physical strength.
Beyond (Koji Morimoto). Yoko lives in a quiet city, but nothing is what it seems. She runs into a system crash, a seemingly abandoned mansion where anything can happen … until the exterminators take care of the bug.
Detective Story (Shinichiro Watanabe). Trinity is a cyber criminal who is hunted by Ash, a private investigator. Will he catch her?
Enrolled (Peter Chung). A rebel group captures a robot, which they reprogram to become their ally. Everything works as it should at first, but the android begins to have an appetite for the human womb.