“The Masked Singer” — Australia: this celebrity in broccoli


This is the first premiere of the new season! The masked singer has finally returned, and some innovations are waiting for you in the new season. Thus, the remaining five costumes were shown only at the opening of the show. At first, the candidates competed with each other in three-man battles. And after the final decision, it is clear: the audience voted for broccoli – but which star was under the mask?

After the first three battles, Walrus, Broccoli and Goldie had to admit defeat in front of other masks. That meant: all three of them were shaking to stay on the show. In the end, the audience chose Waltraut and Goldie, which meant the end for broccoli. The green vegetable had to take off the mask, and Katya Burkard (57 years old) hid under it. The moderator was a little disappointed with her expulsion: “I’m very sad that it’s over!” But she was allowed to sing her song “So What” by Pink (43) again.

The advisory group, consisting of Ruth Moschner (46), Smudo (54) and Linda Zervakis, recently suspected Catherine Bauerfeind (40), Inka Bauze (53) or Louise Dellert under the mask. The team was sure that it was a woman, and especially Linda was amazed by the game of broccoli. Fans, on the other hand, even recognized Katya, but also noted Annette Frier (48) and Desiree Nick (66) next to her.


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