The Marvel Phase 5 tablet is missing One Mysterious MCU Movie


The announcement of the Marvel Multiverse Saga is missing one mysterious MCU Phase 5 movie based on previous Marvel Cinematic Universe updates. The huge list of projects has become a kind of trademark for the MCU since 2014, when Marvel Studios unveiled the full Phase 3 list. While 2019 brought the full disclosure of Phase 4 at Comic-Con in San Diego, Marvel and Disney continued to announce release dates for years to come, as did MCU mystery films. The announcement of the Multiverse Saga covered most of them and even included the announcement of several new Marvel release dates.

As for what was already known about the MCU release schedule before SDCC 2022, Disney and Marvel previously announced four untitled Marvel films for 2024. The release dates were February 16, May 3, July 26 and November 8 of the same year. The unveiling of Marvel’s Phase 5 and Phase 6 confirmed that Captain America: The New World Order will be released in May 2024. Thunderbolts is now taking a July 2024 release and will complete Phase 5 as a result. It also became known that the “Fantastic Four” begins the sixth phase with a release date in November 2024. These three films are currently the only ones whose release is confirmed in 2024.

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Lost in all the excitement of these confirmations, Marvel Studios missed the release date of February 16, 2024. The updated list of MCU films after SDCC 2022 does not mention that the release date of the Marvel movie for February 2024 is no longer needed, but its complete absence from the Phase 5 list is also strange. This indicates the possibility that Marvel Studios is keeping the February 2024 movie announcement for a later date, or simply has not confirmed that they will no longer use that date. The former seems more likely based on Marvel trends, indicating that Phase 5 will indeed get another MCU movie at some point.

What could be a Marvel movie about Phase 5 in February 2024

Looking at the MCU films being developed that were not part of the Marvel Multiverse Saga announcements, “Deadpool 3” is becoming a clear favorite among the mystery films coming out in February 2024. Marvel Studios is working with Ryan Reynolds to bring Deadpool to the MCU for the third solo film in the last few years. The hiring of director Sean Levy and plans to start filming in 2023 mean that “Deadpool 3” will have no problems preparing for release in 2024. Viewers first fell in love with the R-rated superhero Reynolds in February 2016 on Valentine’s Day weekend, so Marvel Studios may try to repeat this success by releasing “Deadpool 3” in the same window eight years later.

If Deadpool 3 isn’t a mysterious Marvel movie released in February 2024 in Phase 5, there aren’t many other possibilities. There were rumors that the filming of the Hulk about World War II could begin in 2022, but the film has neither a director nor a screenwriter, and Marvel Studios has not yet discussed it officially. Unless “Shang Chi 2” comes out much earlier than expected (which seems unlikely given “Avengers: Kang Dynasty Director Announcement”) or if Marvel hasn’t made much progress on a secret movie, “Deadpool 3” is the best choice. Of course, Marvel Studios can still opt out of this MCU Phase 5 release date. But after returning to four films a year in 2023 and 2025, it would be a bit strange if only three films were released in 2024.


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