The Marvel movie “Thunderbolts” needs a REAL Norman Osborn from the MCU


It’s time for the real Norman Osborn from the Marvel cinematic universe to appear after the announcement of the movie “Thunderbolts”. Since Spider-Man joined the MCU in 2016, the Marvel and Sony deal has sparked new hopes of seeing Norman Osborn again. He played a role in the first two Spider-Man franchises, but now he had a chance to play an even bigger role in the general universe thanks to Marvel Studios. It was only in Spider-Man: No Way Home that Willem Dafoe introduced the Green Goblin to the MCU.

Despite the fact that Norman Osborn appeared in the MCU movie, the plot of the Spider-Man: No Home multiverse meant that Willem Dafoe was not from Earth-616 MCU. Instead, he came from the original universe of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy before he died and returned there at the end. However, the role of the Green Goblin still included a hint that Norman Osborn from the MCU, also known as the Green Goblin, might still exist. Someone might argue that the incredible return of Defoe has killed any hope that KVM will restart the Green Goblin with a new actor, but Marvel Studios’ plans for “Thunderbolts” mean that KVM needs to introduce the real Norman Osborn.

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Part of Norman Osborn’s famous comic storyline includes his starring role with the Thunderbolts. This includes becoming the director of the Thunderbolts after the government took control of the team of villains, and eventually creating a new team of Thunderbolts within┬áDark Reign. It has not yet been confirmed exactly how the Marvel Studios movie “Thunderbolts” will develop and what form the team will take, but it would be a missed opportunity not to include Norman Osborn in one form or another. Whether the team is acting as Marvel’s version of Suicide Squad or as the evil Dark Avengers, the real Norman Osborn from the MCU can easily fit in.

The creators of Marvel’s Thunderbolts seem to revolve around a group of villains and antiheroes who are dark mirrors of the main MCU characters. Elena Belova will replace the Black Widow, Abomination can replace the Hulk, and the US Agent will already become a more cruel Captain America. If the cast of the Evil Avengers is really what Marvel Studios is aiming for, then replacing Iron Man is also necessary. Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot in “Thunderbolts” would be the perfect way to do that, perhaps even drawing on the storylines of “Secret Invasion” and “Armor Wars.” In such a scenario, Norman Osborn could be a billionaire helping to fund the team, with much more selfish intentions than Tony Stark ever had.

Of course, Norman Osborn has plenty of other ways to fit into the MCU Thunderbolts movie. He can be the “Nick Fury” of the Thunderbolts and control the team from the shadows, while Marvel can even position the Green Goblin as a villain. All of this will be very different from Willem Dafoe’s interpretation of the iconic Marvel villain, which may make it easier for viewers to buy a new look at the character they just saw in 2021. in the style of a story, introducing the real Norman Osborn from the MCU in “Thunderbolts” would be a great way to do it.