The Marseillais: Victoria insults Alix of “devil” on Instagram!


Another clan at Les Marseillais! This time, it’s between Alix and Victoria who keep responding to each other in interposed stories …

Thunderclap at Les Marseillais! Between Alix and Victoria it’s war.

For two days, Alix and Victoria clash! Indeed, the two candidates of Marseille can not get along …

It all started on Sunday morning. YouTubers McFly and Carlito released their weekly video commenting on an episode of the famous W9 show!

For this occasion, they invited Alix! Indeed, as the subject of their video revolved around the Marseillais season in the Caribbean, the Youtube stars found it interesting to bring it in!

The fans were therefore surprised to see the beautiful brunette land in their studios! The latter therefore lent in the game and commented with them on the episode in question!

As usual, Alix did not hesitate to give without advice without joking … Hence his clash with Victoria!


As McFly and Carlito saw Victoria on screen, Alix shared her thoughts on the young woman. So we could hear her say, “She doesn’t have that face anymore!” In fact, she was a fan, she took it in front of everyone by telling us that she adored us. She wanted to do a lot of things in surgery, including her nose and breasts. ”

Words that set fire to the powder since Victoria wanted to answer! Since then, the two young women of the Marseillais clash constantly!

Victoria even went so far as to say that Alix was “not sane” and that everyone knew… A spade that must have driven Alix crazy!

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Young Vivi concluded her remarks by saying: “Lucifer himself who is trying to give me lessons in morale, we will have seen it all. “


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