The Marseillais: Manon Marsault abandons her son Tiago


The flagship couple of Marseillais would have avoided the disaster this weekend. Indeed, Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti almost broke up!

Nothing has been going well between Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti since this weekend! A candidate of the Marseillais would be at the origin of their conflict …

Not long ago, Manon Marsault would have left the family home with her daughter Angelina (2 months). Rumors say that the Marseille candidate got angry with Julien Tanti who went out to party, without saying anything, even though she was ill.

A party spent alongside his great friends Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia, also residing in Dubai. This is enough to make Internet users react to whom it is inconceivable to deprive her husband of freedom! Very quickly, the young woman spoke on her social networks and assured that this masquerade had nothing to do with this outing.

Last Sunday, Manon Marsault therefore decided to give his version of the facts. Thus, the beautiful brunette explained to have left, leaving her son Tiago to his father, to “react her husband” to something that has been annoying her for a long time! However, she did not specify what it was about.

“We need to find each other, two children is not easy. I got confused with my husband because we just don’t get together enough. I was hungry 24 hours. She also explained.


However, other things seem to torment the young dad. Indeed, the latter has recently raised a rant on his social networks.

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“We mostly need real friends, we have false friends, people who want to harm us. I love everyone, but when people pretend to like me… I give a rant. He explained. Manon Marsault and her husband would therefore be at odds with one of the Marseillais.

The King of Problems then posted a message that directly accuses Jessica Thivenin and also defends his wife.

Thus, he writes: “Thanks for not blaming my wife yet because it wasn’t Manon who criticized Jess on a spinning snap. However, she should have !! I never speak siblings but now I can’t take it anymore. Jess horrified me the day before yesterday, I understood who she was. She’s not my friend. Period, enough is enough! “.

For now, Jessica Thivenin has not answered! Does this sign the end of the Marseillais family? To be continued !


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