The Mars Exploration Vehicle won’t take the plate away!


Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the piece of rock that came to our planet by chance is sent back to its home. Perseverance, NASA’s Mars Exploration Vehicle, will send it back home. The rock piece in question was a coin-sized land, according to estimates, 600 thousand years ago.

This is not the only purpose of the Perseverance vehicle that will send it home, but the vehicle that will collect rock pieces from the surface of Mars will take this old piece of stone as a gift.

Mars scout Perseverance won’t take the plate away

The piece of stone, which is analyzed by carrying out studies, is sent back to the house as a reward for the services it provides to humanity. It should not be too difficult to send a coin-sized object back. A significant portion of the work done this year for the discovery of Mars will be possible with the Perseverance tool.

NASA employee Smith, who is interested in this year’s exploration goals, said: “The tiny gas bubbles trapped inside this piece of stone have the same composition as the atmosphere of Mars, we are sure that the rock came from there.”

The composition of the piece of stone shows that it belongs somewhere outside our world. Researches say that this rock piece came out of a meteorite belt 600 thousand years ago and came to our world.

One of the remarkable aspects of NASA’s 2020 Mars exploration project is the reference to the Sherlock Holmes series. The names of the two analyzer devices placed on the spacecraft will be “Sherlock” and “Watson”.


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