The Mandalorian: Video of Supposed Game Leaks On The Internet


A video of an alleged The Mandalorian game was leaked on the internet this Thursday (26). The subject was discussed in forums and many people questioned the veracity of the material, as there is no confirmation about the content.

The video shows the supposed game’s main menu. In the chapter selection option, chapters with names like “This is the way”, “The easy job” and “The Scape” appear.

Another highlight on the menu is the figure of Baby Yoda, who went viral along with the Disney+ series and became a major attraction in the Star Wars universe. Check out the video below:

In addition to the menus, a gameplay snippet is shown. The supposed recording shows classic gameplay in several games in the franchise, with third-person view and combat with weapons from a distance.

The video also shows stealth mechanics, item chests and RPG details like life bars on enemies.

For the time being, there is no confirmation of the material and therefore the matter should be treated as rumour. Also, a lot of people on Resetera have pointed out that it looks like a mod from Star Wars Battlefront 2 or another game.


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