The Mandalorian: new TV spot with unreleased scenes


New material from the popular Star Wars series that will premiere its second season on October 30 on Disney +; dates of the eight episodes.

The Mandalorian, the popular Star Wars series exclusively for Disney +, opens its second and highly anticipated season on October 30. So much so, that Disney and Lucasfilm have shared new material from this new batch of eight episodes through a new television spot with the odd unpublished scene and the four official posters of its four main protagonists, such as the Mandalorian himself, El Niño (popularly known as Baby Yoda), Cara Dune and Greef Karga.

Broadcast schedule of the 8 episodes

As a curiosity, in the posters we can see some paintings that refer to certain characters from the classic saga, such as the Gamorrean race and their pig faces or the thugs Ponda Baba; Although nothing is clear, it could be a setting related to the underworld that refers to the scene of clandestine fights seen in the trailer and that is shown again in the new spot

To all this we must add the broadcast schedule of the eight episodes from their premiere on October 30 on Disney +:

2 × 01: Chapter 9 | 30th of October
2 × 02: Chapter 10 | November 6th
2 × 03: Chapter 11 | November 13
2 × 04: Chapter 12 | November 20
2 × 05: Chapter 13 | November 27
2 × 06: Chapter 14 | December 4th
2 × 07: Chapter 15 | December 11
2 × 08: Chapter 16 | Dec. 18

At the moment there is no official synopsis of this second season nor have the more than probable new additions to the series been confirmed, such as the long-awaited and rumored Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano. Then we leave you with the four new posters of the second season of The Mandalorian, with its premiere scheduled for next October 30 exclusively for Disney +.

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