The Mandalorian: Jon reveals who made the miniature


The showrunner of the popular Star Wars series for Disney + reveals how the most prominent scene was filmed and commented on by fans; spoilers notice.

The Mandalorian, the popular and celebrated Star Wars series for Disney + starring Mando and Grogu (popularly known as Baby Yoda or El Niño), has ended its second season in style through a final scene in the last chapter that moved and equally surprised any self-respecting fan of such an iconic film saga. Now, the showrunner of the series Jon Favreau, has revealed who filmed the much commented cameo of the final section of the last chapter of season 2. Spoilers warning from this point on.

Mark Hamill is the digital Luke Skywalker

And, as Star Wars fans will remember, in the final scene of the last chapter of the second season of The Mandalorian, our characters were at the mercy of the relentless Dark Troopers of the villain Moff Gideon; but at the last moment an X-Wing appears piloted by a mysterious robed character, very powerful in the use of the Force and skilled with the lightsaber, to end up discovering that it is Luke Skywalker himself with a young digital appearance based on Return of the Jedi.

Thus, and as confirmed by the head of the show for Disney +, Jon Favreau, it was actor Mark Hamill himself who shot the scene: “We started the series with the revelation of Baby Yoda, a secret that caught everyone by surprise. Part of that depends on not telling a lot of people and not having merchandise going and all that. And then have Mark Hamill filming on set in the last episode and us using the technology we had available to rejuvenate him and try to make him look as close to the old movies as possible, ”says the director and showrunner.

“It was complicated because nowadays it is very difficult to keep a secret, especially with Star Wars, since many people are curious. And then there are a lot of people involved in the process completing the visual effects, making it, filming it, the studios … With all the cast already leaked, we were scared that it would be leaked until the very moment our surprise cameo aired, “he concludes. Jon Favreau.

As a curiosity, in the scenes of the credits the name of the actor Max Lloyd Jones also appears as a double of the Jedi, with which he most likely will shoot the action scenes and Mark Hamill who discovers his face and talks with the protagonists of The Mandalorian . Let’s remember that the post-credits scene of this last episode revealed a new spin-off series starring Boba Fett and already confirmed by Disney.


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