The Mandalorian: Cara Dune won’t replace Gina Carano


The character Cara Dune, from The Mandalorian, from Disney +, will not be replaced after the departure of Gina Carano. The actress was fired from the Star Wars series earlier this month after continuing her controversial social media behavior.

In November, Carano was warned by Lucasfilm about his posts, after fans of the series showed strong discontent. However, last week, the actress returned to publish controversial posts, contrary to the warnings of the producer.

This time, the response was quick. Lucasfilm announced, in a statement by a spokesman for Variety, that Cara Dune’s interpreter had been fired. The actress herself found out about the dismissal due to repercussions on social networks. In addition, she was also released from her agency.

The character Cara Dune, from The Mandalorian, Star Wars series, will not be rescheduled for season 3

Previously, some rumors that the actress would be replaced in The Mandalorian have circulated on news channels. However, this will not be the case, as Lucasfilm has no plans to reschedule Cara Dune.

In addition, a spin-off with the character was also in the plans for the partnership with Disney +. Likewise, this project was canceled. Even the character’s collectible products that would be released have been suspended.

Cara Dune, although she is a character with a lot of potential, can easily have her plot ended in the series. Thus, it is likely that the ex-rebel will no longer appear in the plot

Currently, Gina Carano is working on a film with far-right American politician Ben Shapiro in response to what she thinks is an unjustified dismissal.

The 3rd season of The Mandalorian has no premiere yet. So stay tuned for more news!


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