The man with the chainsaw officially fixes the biggest flaw of the Mail


Attention: ahead of the spoilers of chapter 99 “The Man with the chainsaw”!

Having moved away from Denji after the return of the series, the second part of “The Man with the Chainsaw”, however, recreated his relationship with the devil Pochita. However, although the unwitting host Asa Mitaka is struck by the Devil of War, the feeling of interaction between them has increased in the series, correcting the problem with the devil mascot of his first half.

Considering that Pochita was the reason that Denji was able to transform into the eponymous Man with a chainsaw, it was shocking how little the Devil with a Chainsaw actually appeared in the first 97 chapters of the manga. Readers wanted to see more of Pochita not only because of how incredibly cute he is, but also because Pochita wanted to hear more about Denji’s dreams as payment for saving his life, creating a dynamic that promised deep character exploration (but never paid for it). In fact, readers were so desperate to hear from the cute, cuddly devil with the chainsaw that many of them started coming up with fan theories that unrelated phenomena are related to

Initially, it seemed that the second part of the manga would explore Mitaka and her version of Pochita, the Devil of War, similar to Denji and his relationship with the devil. But mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto refutes these assumptions in chapter 99 of “The Man with the Chainsaw”. The devil of war not only constantly threatens and orders Mitaka what to do next, but also appears next to her, and even makes physical contact with her, stealing Mitaka’s body. It is because of the War Devil’s insistence on communicating with Mitaka that the poor man cannot ask for help from other devil hunters, and so she joins the school’s devil hunters club to find Denji.

The War Devil’s disturbing control over Mitaka is a much more intriguing dynamic than Pochita eventually revealed. Since the Devil of War is increasingly involved in Mitaka’s every move, Mitaka will now become increasingly nervous. The relationship between Denji and Pochita in the first part of “The Man with the Chainsaw” was completely different, and the understatement of the latter’s presence, at least, was a big exposure. Since it seemed like Denji couldn’t ask Pochita for help, Denji was forced to rely on others like Makima, which led to an incredible scene when he asked her if his inability to communicate with films made him less human. As a result, when Pochita eventually played an important role in defeating Makima during their last key battle in the first part, his appearance was much more shocking.

The relationship between Makita and the Devil of War is much less positive than the friendship of Denji and Pochita, so it is possible to make the Devil of War more involved in the life of Makita without simplifying the life of the obvious hero of the new era. The first part of “The Man with the Chainsaw” suffered due to the fact that readers did not have enough Rest, but the constant presence of the Devil of War gives fans exactly what they asked for, albeit with a predictably gloomy twist.


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