‘The man who worshiped Trump’ died


Bussa Krishna, who started worshiping US President Donald Trump after seeing him in a dream in India, became depressed after learning that Trump had the corona virus (Covid-19), then died of a heart attack.

Bussa Krishna, who lives in the village of Konney in the Indian state of Telangana, started to worship the US President Donald Trump, whom he dreamed of, like “Indian god”.

It was learned that Krishna, who attracted great attention in the world press, became depressed and died of a heart attack when he learned that Trump was infected with the corona virus.


In a statement made to the Indian press by Krishna’s relatives, it was stated that Krsna fell into severe depression after hearing that Trump was infected with the corona virus.

It was stated that Krishna, who did not eat properly, fasted for 4 days in order for Donald Trump to beat the corona. Krsna, who became ill while drinking tea with her family, was taken to the hospital. Doctors told Krishna’s family that he died of a heart attack.

Krsna had previously stated in a statement about Trump that she saw him in a dream and gave him happiness. “It gives me tremendous happiness,” said Krishna, “So I abandoned the other gods and started praying to him.”

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