The main characters of Glee and their doppelganger friends


“Chorus” and “Friends” are series that have a lot in common: they were iconic at the time and had a huge audience, but in the years since the end of the series, they have aged quite a lot. Despite the difference between generations in the series, the characters of the series can relate to each other in many ways. It’s not just obvious that in both Glee and Friends, the main characters were named Rachel.

Despite the questionable actions that the characters of both series have committed over the seasons, the main characters of Glee and Friends are still very much loved by their audience. It’s not surprising that these characters would hang out together if both series were set in the same universe.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on June 25, 2022: At first glance, “Glee and Friends” couldn’t be more different. One of them is a sitcom dedicated to New Yorkers who are over thirty, and the other is a drama about high school students who want to work in the field of art. At their core, they explore the connections between different characters, and many of these characters play similar roles. Fans can explore the comparisons themselves by watching “Friends” on HBO Max or “Glee” on Disney+.

Brad – Gunther

Brad, a pianist, plays a big role in the Glee Club, but has never been a part of the band. After all, he is not a teacher and not one of the students. He’s there on the edge of all the lessons to provide music for the songs of the week. Brad plays a big role in making the club work, but he’s watching from the sidelines.

This is how Gunther’s character is shown in Friends. He’s not a member of the group, but he’s there, in one place, where everyone gathers to treat them to coffee and a couple of sarcastic comments. Without Gunther, the band’s experience at Central Perk would have been very different.

Santana – Susan

Santana and Susan are very different people. They have completely different experiences and career aspirations, but they also talk incredibly loudly about the people they care about, about their right to be who they are, and they don’t let other people humiliate them.

While it takes Santana a long time to come to terms with her sexuality, the Friends audience doesn’t know much about Susan, since Susan isn’t one of the main characters. Viewers of both shows will see how fiercely Santana is devoted to Brittany, and Susan to Carol. Susan’s remarks to those who offend her, like Ross, may not be as inventive as Santana’s remarks to those she doesn’t like, but they are just as caustic.

Quinn – Emily

Quinn became the infamous mean girl in Glee, full of complicated emotions that caused her to make mistakes. She is very similar to Emily from Friends with her stubborn character and emphasized manipulative behavior.

Quinn was a jealous girl. To protect her feelings, she often seemed overbearing and demanding. Quinn and Emily set rules and restrictions in their relationship and refused to change them. Despite the fact that they both had internal emotions that they struggled with, their external reactions often led to conflicts in their relationship.

Terry – Janice

Terry and Janice are exes who exhibit egocentric and shallow personalities. In the end, they will do anything to preserve a dying relationship. Although both showed small moments of compassion, they were more notorious for their picky behavior.

Like Janice from Friends, Terri refused to break off relationships that didn’t work and found ways to manipulate the situation. She was willing to lie about being pregnant so that Will would stay with her, which made her one of the most hated supporting characters in Glee. Although Janice had never done anything so extreme, she often manipulated Chandler’s feelings to make him change his mind.

Blaine – Mike

Darren Criss played a character in Glee who constantly showed patience and compassion despite some things about Blaine that didn’t make sense. Like Mike from Friends, he had a strong supporting role that supported his partner in their relationship.

Blaine and Mike were in relationships with eccentric people with whom they shared interests, despite their more flamboyant personalities. Although there were rough edges in the relationship of both characters, they were patient with their loved ones and passionately wanted to fix everything. Like Mike, Blaine was outwardly an optimistic person, but with an insecurity that subtly affected his relationships with others.

Artie – Ross

Artie and Ross were both common nerds and awkward personalities that often made them feel like outsiders in their groups, but they are two of the smartest and most loyal characters.

Like Ross from Friends, Artie has a sensitive side, and he doesn’t like being looked down on.