The Maid Herself! Clothing release in North America


Clothes inspired by the characters of the anime shojo and the manga Maid Sama! for the first time it is available for sale in North America — at least officially. The clothing line is created in collaboration between Sentai Filmworks and punk designer Little River Co. This will only be the first anime-inspired line that the brand plans to release.

The Maid Herself! initially gained popularity due to the release of manga. It debuted in 2006 and lasted until 2013. In 2010, Sentai Filmworks also released a 26-episode anime of the same name. The anime was so popular that an official DVD was released in North America in addition to the official English translation of the manga.

The Maid Herself! This is the story of student council President Misaki, a high school student known for her aloofness, coldness and self-confidence, as well as strong leadership abilities. A popular boy named Usui unsuccessfully tries to flirt with her. Then he learns her secret. She also works part-time at a maid cafe to earn money for her family, a job that is completely the opposite of her usual character. Misaki must convince Usui to keep her secret from the rest of the school, which in return will allow him to become a regular visitor to the cafe.

A slow and funny love story by Maid Sama! She won the hearts of people all over the world, and many of these fans have not forgotten about Misaki and Usui. This official clothing release will be good news for fans who have been waiting for Maid Sama for a long time! a product that is rarely found even in Japan, not to mention Western countries.

This issue of clothing will include graphic T—shirts featuring characters and the Japanese anime name (the class President is a maid), as well as hoodies and hoodies with more subtle graphics. Interestingly, a wool rug depicting Usui’s face and plush toys are also part of the release, so fans can decorate their Misaki and Usui homes, as well as show their love to the rest of the world by wearing clothes.

Little River has announced that this collaboration is just the beginning, and in the future they will continue to produce more anime clothing with elements of Gothic or streetwear. The Maid Herself! it’s an interesting first choice considering the age of the anime, but it was undoubtedly popular when it was released. If they continue to make clothes based on more rare and hard-to-find anime, they can occupy a good niche in the otaku market!


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