The magnificent indie game Blanc is presented for Switch


The new emotional cooperative adventure game Blanc, created by hand, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. It tells about the journey of a wolf cub and a fawn in a snowy world as they learn to rely on each other to follow in the footsteps of their family after they were left in a snowstorm. This unlikely partnership in Blanc is the basis for the collaborative gameplay and character-oriented storytelling that will soon appear on Switch.

The trailer is a half-cinematic and half-gameplay video, which first focuses on creating the premise of the story for Blanc, and then it moves on to showcasing some of the different gameplay mechanics and style of co-op play on the same screen. The game is similar to other cooperative games, such as It Takes Two, but still has a unique twist, completely its own, focused on the emotional story of a wolf cub and a fawn as they travel the world together.

The trailer details the gameplay, emphasizing the concept of using the individual strengths of the cub and fawn to overcome certain obstacles, as well as relying on combining the strengths of both to achieve real success. The cub is small and can access certain areas of the game, while the fawn is agile and can jump higher to get to different ledges and other higher areas of the world. The trailer shows how a wolf cub and a fawn work together to move obstacles, plot different routes for each other, and even strengthen each other to get to different areas.

The trailer reveals more details about the game: It’s a text-free adventure that features both a local co-op on the couch and a co-op online game, which gives players plenty of options for how they want to participate in a multiplayer game. As in games like It Takes Two, Blanc demonstrates the importance of communication between players as they try to solve puzzles and navigate through a world full of obstacles and obstacles to reach the goal.

The gorgeous, hand-drawn visuals and mesmerizing music in the trailer, combined with an emotional story, promise an experience that players will be happy to experience together when the game is released in February 2023. Local collaborative games are widely popular and usually contribute to creating a positive experience for gamers and bringing the community closer together.

The similarities between Blanc and It Takes Two are obvious, but we hope that Blanc will find his personality as the game evolves throughout the year. Players can look forward to the emotional adventure of the wolf cub and fawn next year.

Blanc is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in February 2023.