The love triangle of Bria, Timmy and Zeta is entangled on “Love Island in the USA” when Sarah Hyland drops a bomb on the islanders


The shelter is open! The situation on love Island in the USA is heating up — and the love triangle between Bria Bryant, Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison will be in the spotlight on Tuesday, August 2, in the episode.

What you need to know about season 4 of the TV series “Love Island USA”

“I really want to find out what’s going on with us, and I don’t want to rush between two boys,” 29—year-old Zeta tells 29-year-old Timmy in an exclusive first review of the new episode of “Peacock” Us Weekly. “I can’t shake it. I think about you every day.”

A native of California asks: “Do you miss me?” sitting by the campfire, to which Timmy replies: “I miss you.” The connection of this duo, however, is not something that 24-year-old Bria is not going to accept without any explanation.

During the teaser, the New Jersey native decides that she needs to “go there” and find out what’s going on between the contestants of Season 4 of OG. “I really can’t sit there anymore, feeling like I don’t know, for example, what’s going on. It’s not normal for me,” Bria says, pointing out the proximity of Timmy and Zeta to each other. — If this is what you want to do, please let me know.

Unfortunately, before things settle down, host Sarah Hyland returns for the first time since the season premiere and throws a sensation at the housemates.

Status check! Where are the couples of the “Love Island USA” now

The 31-year-old actress teases that serious changes are coming to the villa, because for the first time this season, America will vote on who will stay and who will leave.

“Hello, islanders. I missed you guys,” Hyland tells the group in the video, explaining that America’s two worst couples will face possible elimination immediately.

While the ominous warning has shaken some islanders, the return of Hideaway dates is making others dizzy with excitement.

After receiving the message, the housemates voted for Sidney Pate and Isaiah Campbell to get their first stay at Hideaway, which means none of their peers will be distracted for the night.

Love Island couples in the UK are still together: where are they now?

“Magic happens here,” reads a neon sign in a sexy bedroom as shots of a couple getting ready flash on the screen.

To find out what’s coming next, tune in to Love Island USA tonight — and watch the exclusive teaser above to find out more about what’s coming next.

Love Island USA airs on Peacock Channel from Tuesday to Sunday at 21:00. ET.


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