The Love Island’s Samira Have Serious Complications


Their baby was born healthy – but neither of them expected what happened next! The Love Island couple Yasin and Samira welcomed their son into the world on Monday . Except for a small sign of life, the new parents have not yet commented on their baby happiness – and for a specific reason: After giving birth, Samira had serious complications!

The couple’s little man was born within two hours – a real lightning birth that had consequences. The rapid delivery caused a six-inch tear in Samira’s vagina, which caused profuse bleeding. “Samira just said: ‘It’s working!’ I looked under her wheelchair, with which she had been driven into the examination room, and there was already a huge pool of blood. It just kept flowing ” , Yasin describes this horror scenario opposite the picture . For a short time the beauty was in mortal danger and had to be operated on.

But now Samira is better again. “Thank goodness I’m not in pain any more. I’ve slept maybe two hours since the birth on Monday morning. That sucks,” she told the online portal. The small family will use the next days and weeks to relax and unwind.


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