The Lost Kingdom of Pirate: Netflix Announces Trailer


Exclusive to Netflix, The Lost Pirate Kingdom won the first trailer this week. In particular, the documentary series aims to present the story of the true pirates of the Caribbean to the public.

The preview shows a production that combines scenes of reconstitution with testimonies from historians and other academics. Something similar to programs developed by cable TV channels like the History Channel.

The Lost Pirate Kingdom will tell the story of famous pirates who lived in the Caribbean islands during the 18th century. Among them are historical figures such as the Englishman Charles Vane, the Irishman Anne Bonny and the Englishman Blackbeard.

In this way, historians will explain the real motivations behind these pirates, as well as present how the violent groups that plundered the world’s wealth formed a surprising egalitarian republic.

The production features names perhaps little known to the general public, such as Mia Tomlinson, George Watkins and Miles Yekinni (Cursed, Jack Ryan). Recalling that the series also emulates the hybrid approach seen in the police documentary American Animals (2018).

The Lost Pirate Kingdom episodes are scheduled to debut on the streaming platform on March 15, 2021.


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