The Lost Boys Over Flowers Scene You Never Seen


The scenes you may never have seen from “Boys Over Flowers”, discover the ending that could change the history of the drama.

More than 10 years have passed since its premiere, but this story remains one of the most iconic in Korean entertainment, as it propelled Lee Min Ho to world fame, becoming one of the representatives of Hallyu thanks to his role as “ Gu Jun Pyo ”. This youth romance drama holds secrets you probably didn’t know.

“Boys Over Flowers” is one of the Korean series that you have to see yes or yes, whether you are new in the world of K-Dramas or not, because it marked a before and after in South Korea, not only for its rating, but for the cast made up of Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, SS501’s Kim Hyunjoon, Kibum and Kim Joon, the first crushs of drama fans, as well as having one of the most famous love triangles of all.

The KBS2 network project culminated in March 2009, with a romantic ending that shows the protagonists together, “Gu Jun Pyo” and “Geum Jan Di”, but there was a part of the story that never came to light and that showed another side of the relationship between the couple from “Boys Over Flowers”, what happened?


If you remember the original ending, Lee Min Ho’s character is absent for 4 years, as he must travel to the United States to save the family business, after his return he decides to meet again with “Jan Di”, who finished his medical studies and works next to “Yoon Ji Hoo”, who several fans wished him to stay with.

The deleted scene shows the couple in front of a sunset on the beach and “Gu Jun Pyo” asks her to marry him before the rest of the F4 show up and there it ends, but … fans could not see the deleted scene that would continue with its history. The clip lasts almost 30 seconds, the boys continue with their respective partners, except “Ji Hoo”, the group decides to take a trip to an island and apparently our partner is already married or engaged.

The plot shows how “Gu Jun Pyo” loses his ring and “Jan Di” helps him recover it from the bottom of the sea, unfortunately, the alternate ending did not air because the production lost sight of an important detail: Lee Min Ho wore the “lost” target on his ring finger, “OOPS! Many fans regretted that they could not enjoy the life as a couple of the leads, although they also would have preferred that the story culminate with “Ji Hoo” and “Jan Di” together.

Boys Over Flowers star Goo Hye Sun revealed in a recent interview what was the hardest thing about filming the drama.


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