The Lord of the Rings tabletop role-playing game based on Dungeons and Dragons 5e is in development


Fans of J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy “The Lord of the Rings” have something to expect in the coming months. Firstly, there is a new TV series “Rings of Power”, which tells about the time preceding the events of the films and the main novels, and shows fans the middle of the Second Era of Tolkien’s world. For those who want to embark on their own adventure in Middle-earth, game publisher Free League may have the answer with the upcoming launch of a new companion for its game The One Ring.

The One Ring is a tabletop role—playing game released back in 2011. Despite being called “the best attempt to bring Middle-earth to the gaming table,” according to Free League, the publisher believes that there are other ways in which you can get this experience. The Lord of the Rings RPG can be improved. In particular, the company is now planning to launch The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying, a new game whose settings will be borrowed from The One Ring releases, but it will be based on the Dungeons and Dragons 5e ruleset.

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The Lord of the Rings role-playing game is advertised as a complete transformation of the Ring of Omnipotence setting with an overhaul of Dungeons and Dragons. This means that players familiar with the latest system will be able to use characters and classes corresponding to the world of the Lord of the Rings. Six new classes will be added to the Lord of the Rings role-playing game, as well as “six original heroic cultures from the land of Eriador”. In the new role-playing game, you can also expect magical items, artifacts and much more. According to reports, it looks like this content will be new to Dungeons and Dragons fans, not those who have played The One Ring.

For Dungeons and Dragons fans who want to experience a new setting, the Lord of the Rings role-playing game seems like the perfect match. In early 2023, the first scenario module, Shire Adventures, will be released along with the main compendium, and pre-orders will be available in the fall. Like “The Lord of the Rings,” “Dungeons & Dragons” will also be coming to the big screen soon, and the new movie “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” will also be released in 2023.

The Lord of the Rings role—playing game is not the only new tabletop role-playing game announced this year. Recently it became known that Elden Ring will also receive a board game that will allow fans to explore the Intermediate Lands in a new way. In addition, there are many other Dungeons and Dragons alternatives that fans can explore if they need a similar style of play in a new and exciting environment.

The Lord of the Rings role-playing game will be released in early 2023.


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