The Lord of the Rings: Movies Almost Had Nude Scenes


The Lord of the Rings: In an interview with Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, actor Billy Bold revealed that the original Lord of the Rings trilogy almost featured nude scenes. According to him, the sequence in question was developed by screenwriter Philippa Boyens with a very comical purpose.

“She had told us that this was a new scene that we were going to shoot the week after that occasion with Treebeard,” he said, noting that this scene would bring Merry (Dominic Monaghan) and her character Pippin into the spotlight.

“When they were in Treebeard, he would get really scared and shake his branches, causing the hobbits to fall to the ground abruptly,” he said. “And when the branches hit them, they would be naked, with Merry telling Pippin that she was too cold,” he concluded, adding that Pippin would ask Merry to hug him.

During the interview, Stephen Colbert even referred to the original material, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, stating that there was nudity described in the books. However, Bold did not actually reveal why the sequel was never filmed.

The Lord of the Rings: Amazon Prime Video series may have nude scenes

The topic in question, developed throughout the interview, arose after Colbert asked questions about the rumors surrounding the Amazon Prime Video prequel series.

Although it is being described as an epic milestone for the serial narratives and also having a very expensive budget, the production has been drawing media attention by rumors that there will be many scenes of nudity and sex.

For this reason, many fans have already launched internet petitions against these supposed sequels. According to some of them, Tolkien’s stories had honored traditional Christian values ​​and that sex scenes could tarnish the image of his work. To date, more than 50,000 signatures have been added to the petition.

Amazon Studios has not yet officially commented on the matter.


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