The Lord of the Rings: Announced PS5 enhancements


Daedalic Entertainment talks about the functionality of the console’s DualSense controller, which introduces adaptive triggers and haptic technology.

There is life beyond Peter Jackson’s cinematic universe. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is the new title based on the J.R.R. Tolkien, this time under the baton of German developer Daedalic Entertainment. Although the game was first announced for the new generation of consoles, this adventure will also be released on PC and previous machines. Anyway, Jonas Husges, a member of the study, has revealed the characteristics of the PS5 version in an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine.

The new production from the creators of Deponia will introduce ray-tracing on the Sony console. Also, the study has mentioned the speed of the SSD hard drive. “Restarting a section after mismeasuring a jump or dying after an encounter with an orc guard will be instantaneous. We want to invite gamers to experiment, so the SSD removes a big obstacle in the way. ” Hopefully, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will also benefit from this advantage in loading times.

Compatible with DualSense functionalities

As a unique feature of PS5, the game will support the haptic technology and adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller, which will help to emulate Gollum with more fidelity, as explained by Husges. “Gollum’s actions are more tangible and his physical problems when he runs out of stamina translate directly into the way the game is played.”

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is a parallel story to the events that are narrated in the main book series. Smeagol ventures into the heart of Mordor in search of his lost treasure, a treasure in the hands of Bilbo Baggins. Players must use stealth to prevent orcs from noticing the creature’s presence. Only with cunning can you get out of the situation, at least for the moment.

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