The Location of All Mythical Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3


The 3rd season of the 3rd chapter of Fortnite is already here, and with it a new batch of mythical weapons has appeared. This new update is aptly named Vibin’, and the island has turned into a giant party for the players. Along with new quests, looks and locations, Chapter 3 of Season 3 also contains new mythical weapons that players can try out.

This season there are four mythical weapons that players can use in battle. Mythical weapons are exceptionally powerful weapons that can usually be obtained by killing strong Fortnite AI bosses or by completing some other task. Unlike conventional weapons, mythical weapons function as an improved version of conventional weapons with their own unique abilities.

Unlike previous seasons, players must use new mechanics related to the Reality Tree to obtain mythical weapons in Chapter 3 of Season 3. Players will need to go to the waterfall of reality and destroy the round purple plants in the area. This will cause the seeds of reality to fall out of them, which players can plant. These seeds grow into reality seedlings that players can use to upgrade certain weapons to mythical levels. Players should take care not to confuse mythical weapons with exotic Fortnite weapons that can be obtained in another way.

How to Get All the Mythical Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

The first mythical weapon of the season is the Fortnite automatic shotgun. This shotgun has a damage of 98.40, a headshot damage of 172.2, a magazine size of 8, a rate of fire of 1.5 and a reload time of 5.415 seconds. The second mythical weapon is the Ranger assault rifle, which has a damage of 36, a headshot damage of 54, a magazine size of 25, a rate of fire of 4 and a reload time of 2.375 seconds.

The third mythical weapon is a heavy sniper rifle, which has 138 damage, 207 headshot damage, a magazine size of one, a rate of fire of 0.33 and a reload time of 3.4 seconds. Finally, the fourth mythical weapon is the Stryker pump—action shotgun with 120 damage, 222 headshot damage, 5 magazine capacity, 0.65 rate of fire and 4.75 seconds recharge time. This weapon is different from the mythical weapons from previous Fortnite seasons, so players will have to try it out to figure out which one they like best.

Each mythical weapon can be obtained in the same way — by upgrading lower-level weapons. Upgrading to an epochal level can take some time, as players need to constantly plant and wait for seeds to germinate, or find other players’ seedlings to collect and use for themselves. Initially, plants give unusual prey, and they need to be periodically cared for to achieve an epochal level of improvement. The status of plants can be checked in the “Seedlings Status” section on the left side of the player’s map.