The Little Traces: Check out what the critics are saying


Denzel Washington’s new film, The Little Vestiges, is scheduled to premiere this weekend in the US and in other international markets, in addition to HBO Max. The feature film, which also features Rami Malek and Jared Leto, focuses on hunting a serial killer that is terrorizing Los Angeles. Deputy Sheriff Joe “Deke” Deacon (Washington) joins Sergeant Jim Baxter (Malek), and the search takes them to Albert Sparma (Leto).

But is the Oscar-winning trio sufficient to sustain the film? Some critics have already been able to check out their work and that of director John Lee Hancock (A Possible Dream) and gave their first impressions. Check it out below.

CinemaBlend – Eric Eisenberg

“The film has a solid basis to build the genre, thanks to the three actors who share the protagonism, and involves the audience in the proper decadent aesthetic, but what is missing is a script with strength or originality. He ends up stuck in his own plot and, although there are exciting sequences built in, he seems to struggle to overcome his problems ”.

The Hollywood Reporter – David Rooney

“Hancock does not have the efficiency of the best screenplay for a film noir, but he is good with dialogue. Ultimately, he is less concerned with finding a solution to crime than with showing how this line of work and its decadent environment can to upset even the most astute investigators. Washington has played its fair share of ethical and corrupt policemen, and it is gratifying to see him bring this range of story from the screen to the role of a haunted man disillusioned by experience and damaged by his mistakes. ”

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SlashFilm – Chris Evangelista

“As much fun as it is to get involved in the 1990s scenario, not updating the script makes Os Pequenos Vestígios seem even more dated. Bandits are stereotypically weird, men are harsh and violent, women only exist to be background noise or helpless victims. Even 30 years ago, it would all look old-fashioned. Today, Os Pequenos Vestígios has even less to offer ”.


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