The Little Mermaid: Photos Reveal Halle Bailey’s Look As Ariel


The Little Mermaid (or Little Mermaid) is one of the most classic cartoons in Disney history. The news that it was going to be live-action created a huge amount of hype and curiosity around the production, with the costumes and performance of Halle Bailey as Ariel being the biggest behind-the-scenes mystery so far.

To quench this curiosity, some photos of the film set were leaked and gave the look of Halle Bailey as the princess. Bailey is an actress and singer, and has even been nominated for a Grammy for her work with Chloe x Halle.

Images from the set of the movie The Little Mermaid

In the leaked photos, you can see footage of a scene from the live-action movie The Little Mermaid. The recording takes place on a beach, with small rowing boats and some people working on the shore.

Ariel appears hidden in the back of a wagon, covered by a protective awning. Because of the backstage footage leaked from this footage, it’s possible to see Halle Bailey in full body and also a little bit of the character’s look.

In this scene, Ariel is wearing the iconic candle dress that the character wears in the animation. In live-action, it’s a kind of long dress with a dark green coloration and very similar to the awning that is hiding Ariel.

It is also interesting to note the use of protective masks by the entire recording crew and by Halle Bailey between filming.


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