The list of the 10 most pirated films of the week


Today (24) came out the update of the ranking of the most pirated films of the week, released by TorrentFreak, which once again brings Power in the lead. Starring Jamie Foxx, the feature reached the list in the previous edition, occupying the 1st place, and managed to remain among the favorites of the internet users.

In 2nd position, we have something new. This is Rogue, whose plot is about a team of mercenaries hired to carry out a bold rescue in Africa. But at work, new challenges arise for the group led by Megan Fox, including dangerous and hungry lions.

Closing the podium, another unprecedented title appears in the top 10. In Ava (3rd place), a professional assassin experienced and used to carrying out her missions in a subtle and objective way, ends up having to fight for her own survival, when one of her tasks does not happen as expected.

There is also another novelty in relation to the previous edition: O Grande Ivan (6th position). A film version of Katherine Applegate’s best seller, the film features a special gorilla named Ivan, who wants to know more about his past. For that, he counts on the help of the elephant Stela, with whom he plans to escape from the captivity where they live.

The three titles entered the Hard Level, Deep Sea 3 and An American Pickle places, which were among the most downloaded in the torrents services in the last week. There were also some exchanges of positions, such as Tesla, which fell from 3rd to 7th place, and Magic Camp, from 4th to 8th.

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The list of the 10 most pirated films of the week

Want to know how was the list of the most pirated films with the changes? See the ranking below, remembering that TecMundo is not in favor of illegal downloads. We suggest access to the content exclusively through official means.

10. Sputnik

9. O Jardim Secreto

8. Magic Camp

7. Tesla

6. O Grande Ivan

5. Greyhound

4. The Tax Collector

3. Ava

2. Rogue

1. Power


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