The line between Messenger and Instagram is narrowing


The plan to merge messaging applications within Facebook is becoming clear. The company integrates some of the features it offers in Messenger to Instagram’s message box. With this integration, it will be possible to send messages between Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

The social media giant has started testing these features in the past months. The company now plans that anyone who uses Instagram’s messaging tool will benefit from these features.

Instagram users will soon encounter a notification saying they need to update the app to “meet the new way of messaging on the platform”. When the application is updated, it will be possible to reach Facebook users who do not have an Instagram account through Instagram’s message interface. In return, Messenger users will only be able to message their friends who have an Instagram account.

Speaking to reporters on the issue, Facebook officials stated that the update does not mean combining Facebook and Instagram accounts. Those who use both applications will be able to continue to receive and send messages separately.

It will also allow Facebook users to control this feature. For example, an Instagram user will be able to prevent a Facebook user who is not on Instagram from texting him. The same will be true on the Facebook side.

Loredena Crisan, vice president of product design for Facebook Messenger, argued that with the change, Facebook’s messaging experience is getting closer to receiving and sending emails. Stating that Gmail and Yahoo users can communicate with each other, Crisan said that a similar situation will be in question for Facebook Messenger and Instagram users.

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Facebook does not neglect to add other new features to Instagram’s messaging tool. Instagram users will now be able to forward messages to each other, add reactions or create chat sessions that disappear automatically with the “disappear mode”. With the update, Instagram’s harassment complaint tools will also be improved.

This integration between Instagram and Facebook Messenger will be used “on demand” in the first place. Facebook will not force its users to switch to this new experience.


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