The Lincoln Lawyer: Fans say what we suspected about this new series


It appeared in May of this same year in the midst of that constant flow of new content that is released from these platforms such as Netflix, and it came with its proposal on a lawyer drama, with an extraordinary cast that the casual audience has appreciated, but that surely he wants to know if The Lincoln Lawyer is worth watching.

The Lincoln Lawyer has piqued the interest of many. The first thing to know is that it should not be confused with the Matthew McConaughey movie, this is something else. A brand new show that debuted on Netflix in mid-May of this year. The series is based on The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly, who coincidentally wrote the novel on which McConaughey’s film was based.

The series of 10 episodes of the first season are available on Netflix and stars Manuel Gracie-Rulfo who plays Mickey Haller, an iconoclastic idealistic lawyer, who runs his law firm behind his model car Lincoln Town Car, while dealing with cases large and small in the sprawling city of Los Angeles. In addition, he shares the set with an actress with a great career as Neve Campbell who plays the role of his now ex-wife and also a lawyer, Maggie McPherson, with whom they have a daughter Hayley Haller who plays the young actress, Krista Warner.

Garcia-Rulfo spoke about his character in The Lincoln Lawyer: “It was a joy, you know? First, you’re dealing with the whole arc, you can see it. We find him early on in the lowest part of his life, and then he’s climbing. I can’t say much, but yeah, it was a pleasure to play Mickey Haller, a character that is loved by so many. To be a part of Michael Connelly’s world. It was really a pleasure. I mean, Mickey Haller is one of those characters that… . it’s larger than life. It’s very complex, and it’s vulnerable. So it was beautiful. It was really cool to play him.”

Currently, Netflix’s debut series has a 76% review on Rotten Tomatoes and critics are still digesting the content, but so far, everything is going pretty well for the short time The Lincoln Lawyer has been on the air. This is a pretty solid score and indicates that professional critics are enjoying the project overall. However, it also shows that there are some details with the program. The score could fluctuate depending on how many more professional reviews come in, but those who worked on the show should be excited about where it is now with less than a month to go until it premieres.

critics and the public

For example, great series critic George Thomas of Akron Beacon praised the show, particularly its main character. “This Haller is easy to relate to as someone who has incredible flaws, which makes him very relatable. His performance keeps the audience engaged enough to want to see the story through to the end.” Meanwhile, Variety’s Daniel D’Addario didn’t, and he didn’t enjoy the show as much. “At its best, Kelley’s legal drama has real bite and something to say. In The Lincoln Lawyer, working from a novelist’s script, Kelley piles incidents (personal and family drama alongside court cases) but doesn’t quite pull it all together,” he wrote.

So far, the series has 80% viewership, giving it an overall average of 78%, which means that it is certainly a series worth watching. The art is subjective, but The Lincoln Lawyer’s overall verdict suggests it’s worth a look. The public has commented positively on the series, for example, one user highlighted on the networks: “Unlike the racists here who have criticized Michael Holler for being half Mexican, I thought the actor was very good. My wife and I watched the series over the rainy weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Another comment was “The court scenes were relatively accurate for Hollywood and the jury selection episode was excellently done. The character development and storytelling were well done.”