The legendary snake game is back: Nokia 6310 is on sale again!


Nokia has recently re-launched the Nokia 6310 model phone, which also includes the classic snake game.


Nokia 6310 returns with some new features, including the snake game. At this point, the device includes popular social media applications as well as popular games. Examples of these are Instagram, TikTok and Cand Crush.

Phone-related upgrades, according to a news site; It includes a color screen, rear camera. At this point, it offers access to news channels and radio stations. It should be noted that the Nokia 6310 phone does not come with a touch screen. Again, it is presented to users with its old-style button design.

Nokia 6310 remains intact

The original Nokia 6310 phone doesn’t seem to have lost anything due to its robustness. At this point, the ‘brick’ given to old phones is attributed. Regarding the price, it is noteworthy that it is offered for sale at $ 82 on the official website.

There has been a growing trend for older phones recently. At this point, the new Nokia 6310 phone may have a pioneering quality. Thus, some people leave their smartphones aside and prefer such devices. Meanwhile, Nokia’s 3310 brand phone offers access to the snake game, which was widely played at the time, at a low price of 6310. If you are a fan of nostalgia, it may be the reason for preference.

What do you expect about Nokia’s 6310 model? Don’t forget to mention your ideas in the comments section!


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