The legendary Roach’s law about his relationship with Zendaya shows that “love is really beautiful there”


Zendaya is a celebrity who has gone from a child star to a global sensation over the past few years. Throughout this process, her style was on top thanks to the collaboration with Image Architect and the judge of the legendary HBO Max series “Low Roach”. And Roach recently explained to CinemaBlend his relationship with Zendaya, saying that “the love there is really beautiful.”

Low Roach was an iconic judge on the Legendary ballroom competition series (opens in new tab) for three seasons on HBO Max. I had the great pleasure of talking to the style icon about his favorite series of competitions, and also asked about his professional relationship with Zendaya. After all, she recently shone on the cover of Vogue Italia in another great collaboration. Roach told me about their interpersonal dynamics, saying:

I think this is the best cooperation. We have this trust in each other. That I’m doing my job and she’s doing hers. It’s really hard to explain, but it’s fine, to be honest. My job for so many years has been to bring her things, find her things, show her, explain to her, teach her. When I’m excited and bring her something, she sees my excitement and gets excited about it. And we challenge each other. We challenge each other to keep it fresh and be everything you just said.

Looking back at Zendaya’s appearance over the years, including her iconic appearances at the Met Gala and major award ceremonies, she has more than one look. Instead, Lo Roach is constantly bringing the 25-year-old Emmy Award winner new ideas. And their ability to communicate and share each other’s views is no doubt the reason why Zendaya has become a style icon in her own right.

Lo Roach’s time as the architect of Zendaya’s images also included working as a costume designer for her acclaimed Netflix film Malcolm and Marie, which was his debut in this particular role. They constantly work together on magazine covers, red carpets, press conferences and other events. In the same conversation, Lowe Roach went on to explain how special his relationship with the star of the movie “Spider-Man: No Home” was. As he told me,

At the moment, his older brother, younger sister. And sometimes we annoy each other, and that’s great too. It’s great to have a moment where we’re like, “Oh, I can’t stand you.” I can’t stand you either.” But this is love. And love is not perfect, and love is sometimes challenging. But the relationship, the love there is really beautiful. And working relationships and collaboration when it comes to clothes, looks and the characters it becomes, and the narrative we write using clothes as words. This part is absolutely perfect.

Talk about a dynamic duo. As we all know, family relationships are full of ups and downs. And, according to Low Roach, it is this authenticity that helps make his collaboration with Zendaya such a furious success. And with her and Roach’s growing star power, there’s no limit to what they can bring to life next. Illustrative example: the story from the cover of Vogue Italia.

Fans of Low Roach can completely review his incendiary and iconic Legendary series on HBO Max. It is currently unclear if the fourth season will be released on the streaming service. As for Zendaya, she has an upcoming role in Dune: Part Two. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.