The legendary analyst made valuable predictions for MANA and these 5 altcoins!


Mikael van de Poppe with 578,600 Twitter followers shared the following technical levels for ADA, MANA, RUNE, ZIL and FTM. Let’s look at the analyst’s expectations, bearing in mind that the estimates are not accurate.

What’s next in the HELL rally, MANA, RUNE, ZIL and FTM?

Popular cryptanalyst Mikael van de Poppe believes that the aforementioned cryptocurrencies will react differently to the recent price momentum of the altcoin market. In his recent analysis, the analyst said that Proof of Stake Blockchain Cardano (ADA) is gaining liquidity and moving towards upward resistance.

The analyst says that competitor Ethereum (ETH) may continue to grow towards the price range of $ 1.45, but warns that it will not “follow here for a long time.” At the time of writing, ADA is trading against the dollar at $1.18.

FTM and RUNE are approaching critical resistance

Van de Poppe also believes that ETH’s other competitor, Phantom (FTM), may face resistance.:

FTM is now showing strength after breaking the liquidity bottom. We want to see if we can follow the resistance at $1.50. Until then, we can catch the upward momentum.

At the time of writing, FTM is trading at $1.40. Continuing the analysis, Van de Poppe calls for caution regarding the highly efficient Zilliqa blockchain (ZIL). Last week, ZIL rose from about $0.049 to more than $0.118. At the time of writing, the 87th coin by market capitalization is trading at a price of $ 0.102392. Like the FTM analyst, he believes that the ZIL price will set the direction after the critical level:

The first level I would look for for some trades is the $0.08 area.

In response, Van de Poppe believes that MANA, the native cryptocurrency of the Decentraland virtual reality platform, may be on the verge of explosion:

MANA is slowly waking up. It is struggling with resistance, but if it breaks, there will be liquidity, and we can see it continue to grow by 35% to $3.75.

As Somagnews, we have included their analysis, MANA is trading at $2.69 at the time of writing. The analyst also sees potential benefits for the THORChain Decentralized Exchange protocol (RUNE):

The RUNE continues to demonstrate strength. A minimal pullback should lead to an increase in the upward momentum, as it is currently struggling with resistance. He’s looking for $9.30 to hold. If we break up, maybe $13-14.