The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Was Source Coded From Scratch


The Legend Of Zelda: The beloved and beloved The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was decompiled by a team of fans, which allows the creation of different modifiers and even ports for different systems, as happened with Super Mario 64 in 2019, when it was brought to the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, for example.

The Zelda 64 Reverse Enginnering (ZRET) team was involved in the project for 2 years working on recreating the game. “Last night, Fig, who is a notable member of the community and also project leader, fulfilled the last remaining role in the project. This means that all code compiled in the game has been turned into human readable C code. For a while, we thought that maybe we would never be able to match all the functions completely, so this is an incredibly exciting achievement.”, said the team in conversation with the VGC portal.

Now with code that can be analyzed by modern computers, several possibilities open up for the game. However, the news is great not only because of what can be done from it, but also in favor of preserving the Nintendo 64 game.

In fact, it is impressive to note that the team did not use any leaks, stole any content or pirated it. The entire game code was recreated from scratch using modern languages, which technically means there is nothing directly illegal.

Despite the safe ground, it is worth remembering the risks of using this code in relation to the asset itself or its characters, which are protected as Nintendo’s intellectual property.

Despite the good news, the work doesn’t stop there: the team still has a few details to cover and a way to go by reviewing, documenting, renaming and reorganizing the code to make the project easier to see and maintain.

Another action that is in ZRET’s plans is to decompile other versions of Ocarina of Time to support the project. The main work so far was all developed on top of the Master Quest version of the game for GameCube, which has debugging commands that facilitate the process.

Everything that was developed by the team is a big step, certainly for several new things. However, the team is not focused on any ports, mods or graphical improvements to the game.

What can happen, like Super Mario 64, is that another team uses the advance to produce a visible change, like 4K and reshade, for example. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time received a recent recreation of last year’s rare demo.