The Legend of Zelda gets Studio Ghibli-style posters


The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo’s exclusive franchise, has no animated feature to date. However, which fan of the franchise would not like to see Link’s adventures in a cartoon? What if it was produced by the famous Studio Ghibli?

Popular on social media, artist Zoe, also known as @bigskycastle, has created two illustrations that show what the world of the Zelda franchise would look like in the lines of Studio Ghibli. The first shows Link’s encounter with the princess, and the other shows the protagonist of the series covering himself with a leaf to protect himself from the rain, while walking in a forest.

The images, in addition to calling attention to the quality, also awaken our imagination of what an animation of the famous history of games would be recreated by the studio that was enshrined in animated films such as Chihiro’s Travel and Tales from Terramar.

And you, what did you think of the images? Tell us in the comments section!


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