The Legend of Zelda: check out Ganon artwork


Freelance illustrator Dave Rapoza, known for portraying titles such as The Witcher, LoL and Fortnite on other occasions, shared previously unseen fan arts from The Legend of Zelda, recreating the characters Link and Ganon in a completely detailed way.

In the second portrait, the artist brought one of the powerful mutations of the villain Ganondorf, in which he turns into a huge and frightening beast that looks like a wild boar. Always mentioned in Zelda games, including bringing two macabre appearances in Breath of the Wild, with the appearance of the Calamity and Dark Beast version, the franchise’s antagonist seems to be in top form in Rapoza’s hands.

In case you want to know a little more about Rapozo’s work, all his arts are shared on his official website, where you can find several illustrations with themes related to pop culture.

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