The Legacy of Jupiter: Season 2 Has Already Been Planned


The Legacy of Jupiter: According to Mark Millar, creator of the original comics that gave rise to the series The Legacy of Jupiter (Jupiter’s Legacy, in the original), the Netflix production already has a 2nd season planned, even if it was released last Friday (7).

In a recent interview with, Millar confirmed that with the creative team behind the series, everyone has already started to think about what lies ahead. “We know where we are going. I mean, comics are a great model. But we know that everything depends on the public’s response,” he commented.

Although it has been present in the famous Top 10 of Netflix since the day of its launch in several countries, the streaming platform has not yet commented on the possible (and much awaited) renewal of the series. Even so, Millar guarantees that the conversations are already going on about how to continue the story after its 1st season.

“We are feeling that people are going to like everything we have planned. The response [from the audience] so far has been incredible. We like a lot. I mean, we talk privately all the time about what we’d like to do, but nothing can be formal until we get the official numbers, ”he said.

The Legacy of Jupiter: learn more about Netflix’s new superhero series

Based on the eponymous collection launched by Image Comics and developed by Mark Millar in partnership with Frank Quitely, The Legacy of Jupiter presents a group of superheroes who have several relationship problems, grandiose powers and some obvious moral dilemmas.

In the central focus is the Sampson family, whose leaders are the couple formed by Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) and Grace Sampson (Leslie Bibb). The cast also features Ben Daniels, Andrew Horton, Matt Lanter and Elena Kampouris.

The first season, made available by Netflix a few days ago, received mixed reviews from specialized critics. While some compared the episodes with productions already established in streaming, others highlighted the strengths of the narrative.

Let’s look forward to more news!


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