The Legacy of Jupiter: Josh Duhamel Opens The Game About His Character


The Legacy of Jupiter: On Friday (7), the new superhero series The Legacy of Jupiter debuted on Netflix, which features actor Josh Duhamel as humanity’s first hero, the Utopian.

In a conversation with the CBR website, Duhamel talked about the layers of his character, who faces conflicts both as the leader of the Justice Union and as Sheldon Sampson in having to deal with the complicated relationship with his children, also superheroes.

The actor talked about the origin of the character in the 1920s, after the loss of his father, and also about Utopian’s struggle to keep the Code intact, even 90 after its emergence.

According to Duhamel, Sheldon’s father’s suicide was the big turning point in his journey as a hero. “We see him right at the beginning, when he is on top of the world and has nothing but a blue sky ahead of him, and then his father commits suicide in front of him, and that sends him to a traumatic mental breakdown in which he starts to have these visions. He is driven by these visions, which ultimately led him to this island, which led him to these powers ”.

Asked about the Code, which prevents heroes from killing villains, Duhamel believes it has a direct bearing on Sheldon’s desire to die and concern for his son. “He has this strange and self-fulfilling destiny to do this alone and in front of his own son,” said the actor, who added: “did he want to die? Does this guy want to leave? Has he had enough? Is he ready to pass the torch? Is that why he is so desperate to pass the torch on to his son? And so I think this is the central line, is that he was never able to forget what happened to his father and, in the end, he takes it forward ”.

The Legacy of Jupiter is now fully available on the Netflix streaming platform.


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