The legacy of Hogwarts: Who are Ranok and Victor Rookwood?


The events of the upcoming “Hogwarts Legacy” unfold in the 1890s. Many events took place in the magical world of the 1800s, including another goblin uprising that ruined the history books. Despite the fact that the 1800s were known for improving relations between people with magic and their goblin neighbors, as in the case of Gringotts Bank, which returned to goblin hands, one goblin had other ideas.

The main antagonist of the Hogwarts Legacy is the goblin Ranrock, who has formed an uneasy alliance with local Dark Wizards led by the infamous Victor Rookwood, another antagonist. With the Legacy of Hogwarts adding a whole new chapter to the Wizarding World canon, these two names were not mentioned during the events of the Harry Potter books and films. At the same time, it’s worth taking a look at who these two are and what their agenda (or agenda) is.

Early Hogwarts Legacy

Like other goblins, Ranrok can wield magic without a wand. Goblins do have the potential to channel their magic with wands, but possession of goblin wands was outlawed by the Ministry of Magic due to the wand ban passed in 1631. For centuries, there has been a belief that human witches and wizards deliberately prevent goblins from learning magic in order to discriminate against them. Ranrock’s rebellion is no different, but this goblin does things differently than his rebellious brethren from days past.

The relationship between goblins and wizards has always been difficult, and despite the fact that things were going well in the 1800s, there is one goblin who thinks otherwise. The main controversial antagonist of the “Legacy of Hogwarts” is the goblin Ranrock, responsible for another goblin uprising that began in 1890 and once again shook the relationship between the goblin and the wizard. Ranrock harbors a deep hatred for human wizards and has discovered powerful ancient magic hidden from the wizards themselves, which is believed to have been associated with the main character of The Hogwarts Legacy. But to achieve his insidious goals, he enlisted the help of a Dark Wizard.

Victor Rookwood from the Hogwarts Legacy

Victor Rookwood is the leader of an as yet unnamed group of Dark Wizards who help Ranrok in the latter’s rebellion against the wizards. Although the term “Dark Wizard” is usually replaced by the term “Death Eater” in the original Harry Potter canon, the term actually refers to a broader group of witches and wizards who primarily study and practice the dark arts, including the use of dark magic. . Victor’s intentions to help Goblin with his rebellion are unclear, although the disclosure of the Dark Wizard’s name in the recent “Hogwarts Legacy” trailer made Potterheads buzz about the possible disclosure of the secret of the Hogwarts Legacy.

The antagonist of the Hogwarts Legacy shares his surname with another Dark Wizard from the Harry Potter books and films — August Rookwood. August was an outstanding Death Eater from the Slytherin faculty of Hogwarts, who fought alongside Voldemort during the First and Second Wizarding Wars, after which his fate is unknown. Before becoming a Death Eater, he acted as a spy in the Ministry of Magic, passing Voldemort and his Death Eaters valuable information about ministerial events. Although the family connection has not yet been confirmed or denied by Avalanche Studios or Wizarding World, there is no denying the visual similarity between the two. In addition, the preference for dark magic is usually passed on in families from the Harry Potter series of books, as evidenced by families such as Lee and Lestrange.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled for the holidays of 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.