The legacy of Hogwarts: what is in the West Tower?


The expectation for Hogwarts Legacy has been steadily growing since Avalanche Software lifted the veil on its game earlier this year. Thanks to a separate presentation of the State of Play spin-off “Harry Potter”, it seems that an open-world title will be everything that fans demanded. Judging by the game mechanics, references and attention to detail, the studio is trying to create something for all fans of the series.

Based on a number of alleged leaks, it looks like Avalanche is also preparing to provide an update on the release date of Hogwarts Legacy. Only in the last few weeks, some details of the gameplay have been published online along with the content of the collector’s edition. However, one of the elements of the open world of the game that attracted the attention of fans is the mysterious Western Tower of the titular school. Thanks to the established knowledge of the Harry Potter franchise, it is possible to assume with accuracy what can wait for the players inside.

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Hogwarts Owl House

In the key art “The Legacy of Hogwarts”, the Western Tower of the iconic castle stands out against the horizon. Drawing inspiration from the Harry Potter film series, the tall stone structure is separated from the rest of the interconnected towers and courtyards of the main castle. There is probably a good reason for this, since, as in other franchise media, the West Tower apparently functions as an owlet in an open-world game from Avalanche Software. It’s safe to say that most of the tower will later become home to hundreds of cute owls delivering mail from the franchise.

Based on the studio’s desire to create a true tribute to the Harry Potter franchise, it’s not surprising that Avalanche has already concluded that players will be able to interact with their own feathered companion. In addition to magical beasts such as sniffers, it was also teased that players would be able to take an owl as their favorite pet, just like the franchise’s titular wizard. Because of this, frequent trips to the West Tower are likely to become routine for the protagonist, as he receives letters and goods from the rest of the game universe.

West Tower Offices

Although most of the upper floors of the Western Tower are given over to the owl House, it is worth remembering that its lower floors and rooms also often play an important role. This is because in the Harry Potter books and films, the tower is also a place where students can find the principal’s or headmistress’ office. Even though Avalanche Software has yet to confirm who runs the school in Hogwarts Legacy, it goes without saying that players will interact with them several times throughout the story.

Based on the established timeline of the Harry Potter franchise and the fact that the Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the late 1800s, fans have a working theory as to who might be in charge. It was established that around the time when the action of the game takes place, Phineas Nigelus Black was for some time the headmaster of the school. Aside from an intriguing look at Sirius Black’s ancestor, if Avalanche decides to go down this path, it will also have big plot ramifications. Phineas has been described as the least popular Hogwarts headmaster due to his views on superiority. Making the head wizard at the school a morally dark character would be a tantalizing contrast to what fans expect from people like Dumbledore.

Other notable details

In addition to the owl house and office space, there are several other aspects in the West Tower that fans should remember when going to the “Legacy of Hogwarts”. Thanks to the Harry Potter books, it has already been established that a class dedicated to Muggle art and artifacts can usually be found in its corridors. Since Phineas Nigelus Black is probably the main one, there is a chance that this little detail may appear in the plot of the game based on his worldview.

The Western Tower also has one courtyard, in which there is a Western Well with the appropriate name, and its own separate garden. Other notable attractions include the Celestial Tapestry Room, the battlements of the West Tower, and a gallery dedicated to famous families of the wizarding world. It’s easy to imagine that Avalanche will include some of these elements in the “Legacy of Hogwarts”, which means that players will be able to visit these locations in their free time.

Hogwarts Legacy is coming out in the holidays of 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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