The Legacy of Hogwarts Is Probably Better Without Romance Options


If and when it comes out in the holiday window of 2022, it is currently promising, the “Legacy of Hogwarts” has something to match. A lot of people like the Harry Potter license, and fans were salivating at the opportunity to start their own journey in the magical world with the help of the AAA video game. The latest game from Avalanche Software will allow fans to create their own student who will walk through the halls of the famous castle, and the iconic territories of Hogwarts can quickly become one of the most favorite places in games if the project fulfills its promises.

The students inhabiting the school in the Legacy of Hogwarts may be as important as the setting itself. Hogwarts is home to students from all over the world, as well as professors from a range of disciplines, from herbology to defense against the dark arts. The trailers have shown that players will interact with an eclectic group of personalities, and in games like Hogwarts Legacy, it’s not uncommon to choose a character for romance by courting him with cheesy dialogue, which leads to bonus scenes where the player and the chosen NPC enter into a relationship. However, Hogwarts Legacy should avoid the temptation to include this feature as it may present some narrative and tonal inconsistencies.

Romance in Harry Potter has always been weak

While the Harry Potter franchise is known for complex characters, huge world-building, and stunning magic, the films have never succeeded in how they handled romance. The envious but loving relationship between Molly and Arthur Weasley is familiar to many and is the source of some comedic moments, but romantic relationships between students have always seemed random and inconsequential. The legacy of Hogwarts can easily fall into the same trap, especially since there are only a few games in which there is a worthwhile romantic function and it is implemented effectively.

Harry’s half—hearted interest in Ginny, the implausible relationship of the dim-witted Ron Weasley with the bookworm and the star pupil Hermione Granger, and Neville Longbottom’s sudden admission that he likes Luna Lovegood – all this looked like a convenience to make sure that all the beloved characters had a happy ending when the franchise ended. In order for the Hogwarts Legacy to break the cycle, it would have to allocate so much time to make the romantic options more specific, and this is probably undesirable for fans who need an exciting world, a fascinating story and an exciting gameplay.

Characters should be something more than romantic options

Like Vega and Ashley in Mass Effect or Hayley in Stardew Valley, there are so many characters who feel like they only exist in the game to have an affair. It is very important, especially in such a beloved world as Harry Potter, to develop characters with a pronounced personality, because they make the gameplay feel like a collective effort, and not like a single quest. Harry has always had Ron and Hermione, and players need friendly faces with a multifaceted personality, not a list of attributes that can be selected to launch romantic commercials.

If the game is not focused on romantic options, which the Legacy of Hogwarts does not look like, this is a slippery slope that can lead to some characters feeling meaningless. If the player decides to choose someone else, then this character does not have an interesting personality to rely on. There are so many other role-playing games with lots of romance options, and Hogwarts Legacy just doesn’t need it, especially since it’s the first installment of a (hopeful) franchise.

Romance options in a role-playing game can, if implemented with grace, be an effective way to get new information about the character and close the plot thread that has been present throughout the story. Shepard’s meeting with Liara T’Soni from the Azari tribe creates wonderful moments of narration and gives the first reason to want to relive the events of the trilogy. There are too many expectations from players in Hogwarts Legacy, and Avalanche Studios will not be able to satisfy each of them. Romance will be welcome, but the Harry Potter story with the subject, as well as the need for perfection of the other components of the game mean that this should be the first feature on the editing floor.

Hogwarts Legacy launches the 2022 Holiday for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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