The legacy of Hogwarts: all investigated locations have been confirmed


There are many aspects of Hogwarts’ upcoming Legacy that understandably excite impatient fans. As more and more details about the game are gradually revealed as we approach its release, the hype around the title is only growing.

While Hogwarts Legacy has many interesting gameplay elements, there is one in particular that aims to highlight the title from other Harry Potter games. The holistic and deeply detailed open world that Legacy aims to provide is designed to facilitate a huge amount of exploration, and there are many iconic locations from the wider franchise that are already confirmed as being featured in the game.

The Legacy of Hogwarts: Hogwarts School

Of course, the main place that will be present in the game is the iconic Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry. In Legacy, players take control of a Hogwarts student in the fifth year, and a huge part of the school will be available for research. After the player chooses his home in Hogwarts, the corresponding common room will be available for research, as well as classrooms, the castle grounds, the Great Hall, winding corridors and much more. In fact, the school can be explored entirely in order to truly convey to the player a sense of immersion and freedom.

Hogwarts Legacy also includes secrets and puzzles throughout the game, the ancient magical school will surely be full of them. Given how the school is inextricably linked to the main theme and plot of “Legacy”, players should expect Hogwarts to be thoroughly detailed and extensive.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Required Room

An extremely important and iconic place, which, as confirmed, can be explored in the “Legacy of Hogwarts”, is the Requirements Room. A secret place in the school itself, the room is one of the rarest and most powerful secrets at Hogwarts, turning into what the chosen witch or wizard needs, in which she is revealed at that time.

It is currently unknown how the player will come across this mythical place, but it is clear that the Requirements Room will have many different aspects that will require exploration due to the ever-changing nature of the area itself. For example, it seems that the room will be a kind of center in the “Legacy of Hogwarts” for brewing potions, and will also contain a vivarium that will allow players to observe the growth of magical creatures.

Perhaps most interestingly, the required room can turn into a picturesque countryside landscape in which the player can build and equip his own cottage. Due to the sheer number of its magical qualities, the Requirements Room is likely to become the subject of intense research among players in the Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Forbidden Forest

In addition to demonstrating the school itself, the dark and mysterious suburbs of Hogwarts will also be the subject of research, namely the sinister Forbidden Forest. An unpredictable but fascinating and ancient place, the Forbidden Forest will undoubtedly become one of the most exciting and intense studies in the history of Hogwarts.

Full of potential companions as well as enemies, the Forbidden Forest is sure to be a great starting location to test the Hogwarts Legacy combat, beyond the limitations and limitations of the classroom. Given the Forbidden Forest’s penchant for hidden secrets and hidden truths, it is sure to provide a serious reward for research, despite the dangers that are inherent in the forest initially.

The legacy of Hogwarts: Diagon Alley

One of the most memorable magical places in the Harry Potter universe is the hidden Diagon Alley, and the “Legacy of Hogwarts” will allow players to explore it completely. Diagon Alley, the central shopping area for witches and wizards, will become a key place that players will inevitably get to know.

It is likely that Diagon Alley will become a place to buy supplies and, perhaps, even to sell goods in the Legacy of Hogwarts, since the number of unique shops and merchants in this area is almost limitless in its potential diversity. Given the very cramped and narrow winding streets that intertwine to form Diagon Alley, the need for exploration to uncover hidden areas and lost secrets will undoubtedly be present.

The legacy of Hogwarts: Hogsmeade

Another fan—favorite Harry Potter location, which has been confirmed to exist in the Hogwarts Legacy, is the quaint town of Hogsmeade. A key place in the original books and movies, Hogsmeade is a very important place that many fans have always assumed would be present in the game.

It is reported that Hogsmeade is the only city of wizards in the whole of Britain, founded in the early 1700s.